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Hugo Morales, J.D.
Executive Director, Radio Bilingüe, Inc.

Current Work

Hugo Morales is the Executive Director of Radio Bilingüe, Inc. In October 1976, Mr. Morales and an all-volunteer staff of current and former farm workers and artists founded Radio Bilingüe, which began radio broadcast operation on July 4, 1980 over the entire San Joaquin Valley. Mr. Morales is responsible for the administration of Radio Bilingüe.

Work Relevant to Hablamos Juntos

Radio Bilingüe is the National Latino Public Radio Network and provides programming in Spanish, Mixteco (an indigenous Native American language in Southern Mexico), Hmong and English serving Latino radio audiences in the Northern Hemisphere. Radio Bilingüe has five full-powered FM stations in its network covering the San Joaquin, Salinas and Imperial Valleys. The national office is located in San Francisco. In addition, Radio Bilingüe has a national satellite service, Satélite Radio Bilingüe that broadcasts throughout the United States through its 55 affiliates and into Puerto Rico and parts of Mexico. It serves over half a million listeners with its pioneering daily Spanish-language national talk show, Línea Abierta, its independently produced news service, Noticiero Latino, and its rainbow of Spanish-language folk music for its national Latino audiences. The entire 24-hour daily operation is devoted to public service.

Email: hugom@pacbell.net


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