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Welcome to the Resource Library!

This Resource Library serves to disseminate tools and resources developed by Hablamos Juntos. The National Program Office uses this site to make accessible to you the solutions resulting from this initiative. Please note that this is work in progress as we continue developing components to the website.

Explore our Organizational Readiness Guide to find solutions that can be applied in your setting. Venture into our specialized websites for Signage Using Universal Symbols, Interpreter Services, Non-English Materials, and about the Hablamos Juntos Demonstrations. Also, look into the Current Events section to keep up with new developments in language access and read about Lessons Learned by HJ demonstrations and the National Program office. RWJF has also published Hablamos Juntos Grant Results.  For more information about our demonstration phase and Key Results, click here.

Please visit us often to find new and exciting information!